Employees deserve to be loved and well taken care of and companies with a strong workplace culture, not only win more business, but also retain their talent better.

But taking care of your employees doesn’t need to break your bank. In this blog, we’ll talk about how you can get started.

Most days we are sitting at our desks, in front of screens, for close to 8-10 hours. To reduce the health impacts of this sedentary lifestyle, start with a simple team competition that gets people moving. Nothing too fancy, but highly impactful.

A step competition using spreadsheets is the easiest – but why would you? Lot of overhead to manage and there is no fun in it. With Walk With You as your wellbeing partner, you can not only run bespoke and highly engaging team and individual challenges, but our end to end rewards program will incentivise your employees to participate and prioritise healthy actions!

Our customers who do it well, i.e., with positive health outcomes for their employees and high adoption, leverage three key pillars in their wellbeing program:

  • Leadership walking the talk. Employees are inspired to adopt an initiative when they see the leaders / managers leading by example and participating in challenges
  • Choosing the right platform as your wellbeing partner. A solution that is tailored for you and reduces barriers to participation with simple and intuitive flow will drive adoption and continued engagement from employees
  • Finally: regular communication and right incentives are key to success. Incentives can be a combination of recognition and tailored rewards, think free merch, goodies, vouchers, discounts, etc

Finally, leaving you with a question – are you running a wellbeing campaign for your teams? Can’t decide between a quick booster campaign v. a holistic wellbeing solution? Book a free consultation and demo!


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