Millennial employees form a third of global workforce and there’s a lot said and written about them over the years, from their working style to their decision making process. But when it comes to their wellbeing, you may be missing a trick.

Various Consumer Health Mindset studies conducted over the past decade conclude a few similar things:

  1. Millennials are more likely (than Gen Xers and Boomers) to consider workplace wellbeing dimensions as important but less likely to find their current programme satisfactory! (1)
  2. Millennials believe that healthy environment has about the same influence on their health as preventative care. As such, they are likely to cite friends, family, colleagues and work environment as equally important to positive health actions and interventions as doctors.
  3. Millennials are most likely the generation to be interested in “friendly competitions”, so a little bit of competition goes a long way in engaging and motivating them.. But here’s the catch – they are likely to participate only if it’s easy and convenient to do so. Lower the barrier to participation and you’ll see adoption curve go up! (2)

Perhaps you, like us, are not surprised on reading this. In fact, other studies have shown that wellbeing gamification and healthy competition leads to an increase in adoption, physical activity and even continued engagement by all employees, regardless of their age or experience.

This is why we designed Walk With You to be a challenge based wellbeing platform that fosters team bonding and improved health outcomes via fun competitions. With low barriers to participation, employees just need a smartphone to participate in team races or individual leaderboards from anywhere in the world – truly global engagement!

If you’d like to see some of our challenges in action and be amazed with how easy it’d be for you to set up a tailored fitness challenge for your employees – just book a demo!

(1) Consumer Health Mindset 2018, Presented by Alight, National Business Group on Health and Kantar Consulting

(2) Millennials most receptive to wellness outreach, Stephen Miller, SHRM


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