It is well said- ‘health is the most important asset’. It is apt and true, that health is above all wealth and it implies at the workplace also.

A person with good health will definitely be more productive as compared to a less healthy person.

Workplace wellness is highly important for the company, as it reduces healthcare costs, decreases sick leaves taken by employees and also increases their productivity at the workplace.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that there are various diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles such as inactivity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and frequent alcohol consumption. With working people spending the majority of their hours in the workplace, that makes it a natural place for investments in health.

Benefits Of Investing In The Employees Health To The Business-

1.Employees will feel Important-

If the company introduces measures to improve employee health, then they will feel nurtured and will feel that they have importance in the company. And This will result in them being deeply connected with the company and would finally lead them to work more and in the end increase the productivity of the business.

2.Companies Reputation Will Thrive-

Employers that are committed to improving their employees’ health will stand out from the others, who don’t do such a thing. And will be respected by their employees and another workforce, which will in the end help increase the companies and employers’ reputation.

3. Employees Dedication And Productivity Would Increase-

With good health conditions of the employees, they would take less sick leaves, and also would be more productive and attentive which would, in the end, get more returns for the business in the long run.

Now the question arises, how would companies invest in their employees’ health??

Ways To Invest In Employees Health

> Innovative ideas could be used to improve employees’ health such as starting ‘workation’, in which employees can work one day from home and with the current pandemic situation it has become more convenient and feasible. In this way, employees could rest at home and also work and would also give them a feel of an extra holiday and would reduce mental pressure.

>Regular Health Checkups could be arranged in the corporate itself and every employee’s health could be measured every month and at the same time Workspace Therapy for the employees so that they could deal with the mental pressure in the corporate sector.

>Walking and Fitness Collaborations could be introduced and the company could collaborate with fitness apps and groups to measure steps of their employees and could reward employees with maximum calories burn and steps..

And solutions like Walk With You could be used for creating corporate step tracking groups to measure their employee’s fitness.

So, it can be concluded that employees’ health is of utmost importance, and with a little effort and innovative ideas, a company can earn a lot while maintaining their employees’ health.


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