Fun, competitive and engaging team & individual challenges!

Our state of the art virtual races are fully customisable!

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In-app messaging & private social network to share & celebrate progress, milestones & build org culture!

Incentives &

Reward participation & sustain engagement with gamification & tailored incentives


Support employee holistic wellbeing with workshops & seminars from our partners

wellbeing challenges

Virtual Races

Compete or collaborate from anywhere and everywhere in our exciting, state of the art virtual competitions.

With multiple challenge modes, real time leaderboards and the option to create your own path (example: connecting your offices globally), customise this challenge any way you want to suit your team’s needs! 


Traditional team v. team competition with a simple goal: finish the race first!


Teams work together to complete a big org wide challenge, example raising funds for charity.

treasure hunt

Introduce suspense & jeopardy in the virtual race as path and destination only slowly revealed!

multi activity inclusive

Steps only or include other activities (normalised for fairness) – whatever gets the team going!

wellbeing Challenges

Beat Your Goal

Small, consistent and positive changes lead to habits that deliver huge results over time!

Home page screenshot of the Walk With You app. Users can check their steps, water, active minutes, etc here

One Step at a time

Beat your personalised step goal recommended by the app & move up the leaderboard!

Heart Beats challenge on Walk With You app. Earn Wellness points for completing 30 moderately intensity activity in a day.

Heart Beats

Get your heart rate up for 30 mins a day & earn Wellness points. Health experts recommend 150 active mins a week!

Staying Hydrated Challenge on the Walk With You app. Earn Wellness points for drinking 6-8 glasses of water/day

Stay Hydrated

Forget to stay hydrated? Earn Wellness points for drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day. Oh, don’t worry – we will remind you!

culture & community

Wellbeing Social Network

Recognise and celebrate milestones, updates & progress in your private, dedicated community board. 

Share pictures, like and comment on other posts and broadcast admin announcements on your team’s wellbeing social network. 

More features…

Our platform is designed to help admins engage more individuals than before in a really easy way!

Push notifications by the Walk With You reminding users to check their steps and have a glass of water
nudges & notifications

Engage & nudge your employees with our push notifications.

Some notifications will be automatically scheduled, so you have fewer things to worry about!

rewards & incentives

Tie rewards & added motivation with our in-app currency. 

Wellness Points can be integrated with your existing rewards strategy or we can help to set up a reward redemption scheme.

Wellness points earned within the Walk With You app by competing in challenges
A quick illustrative image of all the integrations supported by Walk With You app. Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Strava, Garmin, Apple Watch, etc

We integrate with most fitness trackers & smartwatches to ensure participants don’t experience frustration & hurdles to sync steps and activity. 

Seamless sync fitness activity with our app in real time. No frustration or disappointment.

ADMIN Dashboard

Admins get additional access to:

  • See user engagement and aggregate stats
  • Make community board announcements
  • Upgrade plans any time

and more…

Walk With You's admin panel

World class partnership

We are here to help make your wellbeing strategy a success!

We’ll of course address any participant queries promptly, but in addition we also support you with regular comms to drive adoption & continued engagement.

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